Ugly's Electrical References App Reviews

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Get it don’t wait

Yes it’s that useful!

Great app

Great app

Not the book.

Was hoping to have all the information the book has on this app but it does not. Will buy book instead.

Great App!

Needs update for iPhone X screen.


As an engineering electronics technician, I work with 60-100kw inverter systems for a living. After reviewing the relevant information related to my job, I can tell this is going to be one of my most valuable tools for the electrician aspects of my job. Thanks for finally porting this to IOS. IPhone 7 plus works great and easy to navigate to the needed information. Great port!

Close but....

I’ve been waiting for this app for a long time but the very first calculation that I tried ended up with an answer that was 2 decimal points off. I tried to calculate amps when I know watts, voltage, and power factor. The app gave me an answer of 738 amps when it should have been 7.38 amps.

Plan Review, Inspections, Field, Must Have

This is awesome. I constantly use my iPhone for Plan Review and Inspections; however, if you are an electrician in the field this is extremely valuable as well. The advertising does not cover anywhere near all the tables and calculators this app contains. T250.122, T250.66, chapter 9 tables, conduit and box fill tables and calculators, motor and transformer calculators. It has all of your outlet configurations, all the NEMA classifications, voltage drop calculator, etc, etc, etc. For the past several years I have been using several other app, which will no longer work under the next iOS! Shoutout to the developer; thank you for keeping the electrical industry alive on the iPhone! Suggestion; if you could also add a Fire Pump calculator that would be awesome!

Doesnt work

After reading these reviews, I was hesitant. I went to the Uglys site and was reasssured by their forthright explanation of the changes made to the app and they confirmed that it was a one time payment. OK, perhaps all the prior reviews are just bad experiences. Purchased app. Installed, and the app gave a brief tutorial on how to navigate through it. It then crashed. Now it doesnt work at all. Shows splash screen for a moment then quits. I guess "I hate it" for 1 star is a little harsh, as opposed to "don't like", but for $13, it better do more than nothing. I have requested a refund from the app store. I hope the app developer is paying attention to these reviews.

Poor customer service

Purchased the app and once my trial period expired it said that I had to pay another 10 bucks. Tried emailing support and that's been about a month ago and still no word from them

Total crap ripoff

I bought the app for $9.99 3 weeks ago. Now it says I have to subscribe for another $9.99. Not gonna happen. If you want to get screwed out of your money, go ahead and download this app.

Major Glitch

After I received the email saying that the subscription plan was dropped and that you could purchase the app once and "own it forever," I figured I'd go ahead and buy it. Well, here I am, 10 days after my purchase and when I open the app I'm greeted with the message that my trial period has ended and that I need to purchase a subscription to unlock the content. Seriously?!


Just bought this app and it crashes before opening

Great App

Has everything you need and pretty handy.

A step in the right direction

They have begun updating app. Still not the most user friendly but much more improvement over initial release. Developer seems to be addressing concerns for improvement of overall app. Hopefully with continued updates, app will become the UGLY'S that I've trusted and have gone to for over 20 years.

THIEFS!! They took the money but no help with subscription

I needed this app for a new career path I started. The trial was great so I decided to purchase a subscription. They processed my payment through iTunes and took the money but the app doesn't recognize my subscription. Know I am in an endless loop to try to get this working or to get a refund. The developer blames Apple and Apple blames the developer. I don't even care now. Just give me my money back. Thiefs.

They need to do better!

It's basically the ugly book with calculators. There is better pipe bending apps and electrical apps out there. You could just buy the ulgy book for a one time price. Then download other free electrical apps. Ibew 614 member submitted.

Out of Date. Overpriced. Many errors. 👎🏼

Out of Date. Overpriced. Many errors. 👎🏼

Can't subscribe

I subscribed. When I click nec updates it says I need a subscription when I click subscribe it tells me I already subscribed.

Not worth $10

Too many apps out there offer free electrical material, calculations, & formulas without having to pay $10! Drop the subscription fee & offer the app for FREE.

Cut off sentences

Has a lot of helpful information. My main concern is that a good portion of the text is cut off, sometimes to the point of missing a couple words, and no way to move the screen over, or soom out to read it.

Interactive searchable Uglys App!

This app is way overdue. I have been waiting for the official Uglys Electrical Reference app for a few years already. The first version is ok but as a subscription makes it possible for the authors to add any functionality they want. As time goes on and we send in suggestions this app will just get better and better. It needs some additional functionality such as pinch to zoom, a completely updated PDF version of the 2017 e-book, etc.

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